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**Please Note: we will be closed for TLC Oct. 9-Nov. 23**

Combine awesome scenery, romantic music and the thrill of a helicopter flight to make the most memorable proposal possible!  We flew our first proposal flight in 2007 and have done hundreds of them since - and not a single "No"!  New on board video makes it easy to capture the moment for prosperity so you can keep it or share with friends and family.


We have seen a variety of ideas through the years, we can help you plan your custom proposal flight.  If you want the ultimate romantic setting, try your flight at sunset or late evening.  However you would like to do it, we will help you make it a proposal to remember!


There is no extra charge for the proposal, just choose the flight and we will help you plan it.  If you would like to bring champagne, you are more than welcome to as long as you stay within some guidelines.  Please bring it in a plastic container with a lid (we have seen everything from big gulps to sippy cups) and please drink responsibly, especially if you are driving after the flight (federal law also prohibits intoxicated passenger on our flights).



-No extra charge, just choose your tour and let us help you plan it.


-Consider a sunset flight or a city lights tour (winter time only for city tours)


-Call to reserve your tour


-If you plan on bringing extras, please inform us so we can plan on it


-Reserve your flight by calling (719) 648-5580 or email schedule@coloradovertical.com

Proposal Flights


Winter season hours: We will be closed for TLC from October 9, through November 23, 2018.  For more information, or to set up a tour, please call 719-276-9038.