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**Please Note: we will be closed for TLC Oct. 9-Nov. 23**

About Royal Gorge Helitours

Royal Gorge Helitours has been giving helicopter thrills in the Royal Gorge area since 1989.  We were founded by Mike Pond, who flew his legendary Royal Gorge Helitours for nearly 20 years before retiring.  Today, helitours are flown by Will Sanders and Eli Plavney.  Pilots Will and Eli have thousands of flight hours in Colorado's mountainous environment.  Both pilots specialize in the scenic tour business, but have a background in a wide range of flight missions including search and rescue, airborne law enforcement, aerial photography, survey, VIP transport and passenger transportation.


 Maintenance is performed by Don Brosh with Steel City Aviation.  Mr. Brosh has worked in aircraft maintenance for over 30 years, including Airlines and General aviation.  In addition to maintaining our helicopters, Mr. Brosh owns and operates an aircraft maintenance facility and airplane flight school.


About our helicopter

The Robinson R66 is a powerful, turbine (Jet engine) powered helicopter that seats up to 5 people.  It is known for its power at high altitude, and is perfect for flying in Colorado's mountains.  The seating is optimal for viewing, even from the middle seat, making it ideal for scenic touring.








About our Staff

Colorado Vertical has an amazing support staff consisting of maintenance and ground support personnel.  Don Brosh of Steel City Aviation provides outstanding maintenance services to keep up safely in the skies.  Don has an extensive aviation career in both maintenance and as an aviator.  He retired from the airlines as a maintenance technician and purchased his own maintenance shop and flight school in Pueblo, CO.  Other support staff work seasonally as passenger escorts and office assistants to better your experience as a guest at our facility.

Meet our Helicopter


Winter season hours: We will be closed for TLC from October 9, through November 23, 2018.  For more information, or to set up a tour, please call 719-276-9038.